WEN By Chaz Dean: A Revolution In Haircare

Most people are used to using shampoo and conditioner to treat and manage their hair. WEN by Chaz Dean takes a different approach: this miracle-working product eliminates the need to use shampoo.

Chaz Dean, a celebrity stylist, developed WEN as an outgrowth of his deep love and respect for hair. Because shampoo contains sulfates and oils that can strip the hair of its natural vitality, Chaz developed WEN to help hair “come clean” and restore health and fullness. It’s a five-in-one cleansing conditioner that eliminates the need for other products like leave-in conditioners and detanglers. WEN comes in three formulas: Sweet Almond Mint, Pomegranate, and Lavender.

The harsh chemicals in traditional shampoos create a familiar lather but damage hair over time. WEN is formulated using natural ingredients that maintain the hair’s natural oil balance. Chaz uses WEN in his own hair studio on a roster of celebrity clients that includes Drew Barrymore. His reputation for saving dry, over-processed, and color-treated hair has won him a loyal following. Chaz appears regularly on QVC and make-over shows as part of his mission to provide everyone with the healthy, beautiful hair they deserve.

Then rinse it out. Chaz Dean Studio stylist Anna Lee, who has worked directly with Chaz since 2003, tells her clients that the WEN cleansing conditioner is perfect for getting a polished look even on lazy days – all you need is the WEN cleanser and a WEN styling cream. Now that’s revolutionary.

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  1. Janessa Jadiel

    WEN is ridiculously easy to use – simply rinse the hair, thoroughly distribute WEN, and leave it on while you shower. The Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner is safe for all hair types, including African American hair. That is also going to be so easy for RushEssay to have understood everything they needed which is going to absolutely important for them.

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