Troy McQuagge Receives Gold Award

Mr. Troy McQuagge serves as the president and chief executive officer of a powerful company known as USHEALTH Group. Last year, Troy was honored as the best chief executive officer by the prestigious One Planet Award. The awards only honor professionals and businesses that have shown excellence in different industries. Companies and corporates from all over the globe are eligible for the nominations. One Planet confers its awards in several sections. These include corporate communication, new product and services, executives, PR and marketing.

Troy McQuagge has served in the competitive insurance department for more than thirty-three years. This means that he has earned a lot of expertise in the industry, and that is why his company has done so well under his leadership. USHEALTH Group is a respected insurance company that focuses on offering individuals who are self-employed and businesses with health coverage at affordable prices. The company combines its employee talents and its experienced agents to market the insurance products. The institution also ensures that it offer its consumers the best services.

Troy McQuagge ventured into the insurance world in the year 1983 when he was hired to work at an institution known as Allstate Insurance. After several years, McQuagge decided to join United Insurance Company Inc where he worked in the student insurance division. His expertise in the industry enabled him to acquire a position as the president and CEO of UICI in the year 1997. In this company, the successful hedge fund manager set many records in the sale and profit. In 2006, the insurance company was sold to private equity investors in the country. The company changed its name to HealthMarkets, and Troy was given the responsibility of leading the sales and marketing department. One year later, the annual sales of the company increased significantly. The company received several awards because of its growth and more information click here.

In 2010, Troy was appointed to join USHEALTH Group as the CEO and president. As the president of the health insurance company, Troy has been able to turn around the sales of the enterprise. Investors from all walks of life have joined the company due to its success. The hedge fund manager has also restored the trusts of investors and clients to the enterprise. These achievements in USHEALTH Group proved to Planet Awards that Troy was the best candidate for the award. Troy is very excited to have been honored by Planet Awards and what Troy knows.

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  1. Kassidy Stefan

    No doubt Troy has worked several organizations and his experience and hard work has paid him off. Troy, his award did not come as a surprise to many haven seen the growth USHEALTH Group has archieved under his watch. According to essay writing help, Troy has been able to attract investors from all works of life due to the numerous successes he has archieved with the company.

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