Tips on How to Incorporate Wikipedia In Your Online Marketing Strategy

For many years, many marketers have been using Wikipedia as one of their marketing techniques. This is because Wikipedia has evolved into one of the top sites in traffic ratings. Many people often ignore Wikipedia due to the notion that it is everybody’s platform for posting anything. They forget that this feature is a goldmine itself. Hundreds of thousands of people have accounts in Wikipedia. Millions of people visit the site every day. This means that Wikipedia should be an essential marketing tool for your brand.

You need to make a Wikipedia page before you think of anything else. This way, your brand’s chances of showing up in search results become high. Remember this is the 7th most visited site in the world, so don’t let go of its marketing potential.

Wikipedia back-link is another effective way to use the site for marketing. Though they are no-follow links, they still carry a lot of weight because they make the brand more visible. They also create link diversity, which is an important element when it comes to recruiting new customers and encouraging traffic on your site. Since Wikipedia ranks highly on Google and other search engines, there is likely that its links will be prioritized. However, you need to be cautious with the backlinks because they can prove difficult to use. Wikipedia consultants like Get Your Wiki recommend against spamming links in sections of the pages. Instead, use them in the context of the article you write.

For perfect results, you need to constantly monitor your Wikipedia presence. Since Wikipedia allows people to edit information freely, don’t let anyone manage your page for you. The chances are that you will find a lot of misleading and negative information that can damage your brand’s reputation. You can enable Wikipedia notifications to alert you just in case someone makes changes on your page.

Also, you can seek help from an expert to help you optimize the marketing benefits of Wikipedia. Companies such Get Your Wiki has people who are trained to provide services tailored for those who use Wikipedia as a marketing tool. Get Your Wiki recognizes the advantages of Wikipedia in marketing, and that is why they have used their resources to design programs using cutting-edge technology. The company can help you use Wikipedia to build and maintain a brand. They have programs that identify people who are up to mischief in your page. You can also hire Wiki editors and writers from them.

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