Thor Halvorssen: An Advocate for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is best known as a human right advocate. He is also known as a film producer with contributions to public policies, civil liberties and individual rights. He is also president of the Human Rights Foundation which focuses on human rights and freedom on a global level. He has been a contributor to make publications and television programs including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, NPR, BBC, Fox News, al Jazeera, MSNBC, CNN, and HBO.

Accoridng to Forbes, Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela in 1976. Both of his parents were heavily involved in the Venezuelan government and politics. His father was imprisoned due to money laundering. His mother was also shot at a peaceful protest by Venezuelan security team. He attended college at the University of Pennsylvania. He received both an undergraduate and graduate degree in political science at the university.

Halvorssen focuses his energies on anything that is a threat to democracy such as slavery, dictatorships, and human trafficking. Throughout the years Halvorssen has founded or been involved in various foundations and movements that have furthered these causes. He is also a successful film producer that focuses on many of these causes.

One of his biggest projects was the Human Rights Foundation. He created the foundation in 2005 in New York. He is not only the founder but also the CEO. Its main focus was to empower people to fight for their basic human liberties. Many well-known political advocates have been involved in his foundation throughout the years. The foundation has involved itself with many hot button topics as well.

His other major accomplishment is being a critically acclaimed film producer. His films have debuted in several popular film festivals. His film Freedom Fury documented the uprising against dictatorships that occurred in the late 1960’s. His film Sugar Babies documented human trafficking in the Dominican Republic. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

His newest project, 2081 is about a dystopian society that is run by a tyrannical government. His is listed as the sole producer.

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  1. John Moore

    His main goal is and will always be fighting for human rights whether it be with films, organizations, or advocacy. He has also been awarded many recognitions for his fight for human rights and democracy. There are so many things that dissertations online can also be outlined on doing for a very long time.

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