The True Value Company Merchandising Department under Kenneth Goodgame

The newest promotion at the True Value Company goes to Kenneth Goodgame, who has been appointed to the position of the Senior Vice President and the Chief Merchandising officer. Kenneth has been working with the company as a merchandising officer but at a lower level. The business executive has been working in the world of merchandising for close to 30 years now and has acquired the needed skills to handle top leadership positions in the same.

When it comes to experience with value addition, Kenneth Goodgame has close to a decade in experience. This has helped him understand how to create the balance between adding value to a product and ensuring that the price does not increase to the extent of discouraging the prospective customers from making a buy.

His experience has brought great gains to the businesses that he has worked with. For the past quarter at his current company, Kenneth has led the business to a 10 percent increase in sales. This is the same trend that he had set when he was working at the lower level in the same merchandising position.

He has a lot of specific experience when it comes to OEM excellence. He has used the strategies he has been developing over the years to help create and manage businesses that are worth billions of dollars. If companies follow his business model, their sales increase significantly.

He was in charge of a program known as the SKY EDLP program when he was working at the lower level of management. This is a program that saw a 9 percent increase in the basket ring attained. He took time and studied the behavior of customers when faced with the choice among several products of a similar family. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

He realized that the customer will always pick the product with the least price, mainly because they do not understand the value proposition that comes with the more expensive brand.

His approach is helping the customer think of the value of the more costly product as opposed to the cheaper alternative. This ability to connect with consumers at this level helps him manage his sections and get the best end caps. For Kenneth Goodgame, the sky is the limit.

Kenneth’s background

Kenneth graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. He has worked with many businesses since then, including the Hardlines D28, Home Depot in Atlanta, Proprietary Brands, Rubbermaid Cleaning and Bernzomatic among many others.

He has worked his way up from the junior positions in these companies to the top leadership position.

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    He has a track record of huge changes everywhere he goes, for instance, he made a 94 percent revenue increase in Bernzomatic. He is a business leader to watch out for. There has been a lot of things for the research paper writer to carry out and it’s making me feel so good.

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