The Ideas Behind Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen was founded in 2007 by Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru. This restaurant began in Washington and was designed to be healthy, featuring delicious salads. Forty relatives and friends were responsible for the funding that started Sweetgreen’s.


Today, Sweetgreen’s has thirty-one locations throughout the nation, and their capital is ninety-five million dollars. This happened because three men wanted better food available.


Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru’s parents are all entrepreneurs, so a standard job had no appeal for them. They wanted their own business, and this combined with the desire to find healthier food in Georgetown was the deciding factor. Their original plan was to be able to offer nutritious and healthy food. They had the discipline to make it happen.


Several of their signature salads combined with hard work led Danny Meyer to invest. Steve Case, the man who was a co-founder of AOL is their biggest investor. They had the skill to bring in the right people to begin Sweetgreen’s. Ru freely admits they had opportunities other people didn’t but they had something better.


Their dressing is one of the big factors in their success, but it is more than that. It is the combinations they serve and the lifestyle it encompasses. Their food can be ordered for pick up or families have the ability to eat in. Most restaurants would want to have the same look as Sweetgreens does. The lines get very long, but people wait because it is worth it. Their brand means something and it makes people feel good about what they are eating.


Technology has helped the three friends as well. Thirty per cent of all their sales come from either online or a mobile application. These Georgetown classmates have the ideas, the financing and the technology. They even close their corporate office’s five times yearly so all their employees can actually work inside the restaurants.


Ru says building a team is hard because you have to delegate and they were all hands on. He believes the quicker you have a good team on your comfort level the smoother it all becomes. Whatever this trio is doing, they are doing it right.

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