Securus Technologies: Market Expansion with a Higher Purpose

Securus Technologies has seen a great deal of economic growth in the last 10 years. This company has been known for providing telecommunication technology to inmates in many prisons throughout the country. Over the last decade, however, Securus has increased their market value and widened the services they offer to inmates, their families and the prison system as a whole.


When PR Newswire spoke with Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, about the expansion of his company, he pointed to the real purpose of the growth and the higher purpose of Securus Technologies.


“We also have a significant social responsibility that includes providing low inmate rates, safer facilities (prisons and jails more efficient facilities, recidivism-reducing tools, inmate education including religious education, and the ability to solve and prevent crimes.”


Securus offers numerous tools for the correctional institution in regards to safety, communication, information management, surveillance, parolee monitoring, data analysis and more. These are user-friendly high-tech systems which increase the safety, efficiency, and productivity of prison employees.


Securus also offers an amazing number of high-tech tools to enhance the life of the prisoner and to keep them working towards their goal for a successful reentry into society. A few of these items are healthcare management, educational tools, money transfers, and video visitation services. The video visitation services play a significant role in the process of reform and reentry.


By making it possible for inmates to communicate regularly with the people that matter to them the most, Securus is helping reduce recidivism. Studies show time and time again that inmates are motivated to change when they feel the support of those they love.


We can all rest easy, knowing that growth for Securus means a growth in the effectiveness of our penal system and a safer world for us all.

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