Securus Technologies – Empowering Law Enforcement Agencies with Advanced Investigative Technology

Securus Technologies has made landmark developments in the field of inmate communications and criminal justice technology in the last few years. The company was set up in the year of 1986, and since then has grown to become a leader in the field, pioneering research, and development in the area of inmate communications.


Today, Securus Technologies offer a comprehensive range of services that includes parolee tracking, phone services, government information system, investigative tools for the law enforcement agencies, photo sharing services, video services, and more.


One of the primary objectives of the company is to help the inmates reconnect with their loved ones back home and to help them get more communication opportunities. The company continues to invest heavily in research and development to make massive progress in the field and modernize and better the incarceration experience than what it is now.


The major factor that concerns most of the inmates and their family members is the lack of communication post-incarceration. However, with the help of the services offered by Securus Technologies, such problems can be eliminated entirely. Moreover, the company recently launched the new video visitation service that made it easier for the inmates to meet and greet their family members with the help of innovative video services. It is fast and cost-efficient at the same time.


The company recently shared with the world what the law enforcement agencies and its officials feel about the services Securus Technologies offer. The company receives emails in hundreds of the law enforcement officials, and it disclosed few of the comments from these letters and e-mails via an online press release.


The law enforcement officials are seen thanking the enterprise to help them perform better and in a safe environment. The law enforcement officials say that the services of Securus Technologies are crucial today to keep a close watch on the criminal activities happening in and outside the prison.


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