PT Money Evaluates FreedomPop’s Free Mobile and Internet Services

If you’re looking for an honest, no-nonsense FreedomPop review, look no further than PT Money. Emily Guy Birken breaks down FreedomPop’s free internet and mobile services in a very clear and concise way. Making it clear that for a light user, it’s an extremely economical alternative to overpriced service plans.


FreedomPop offers a variety of plans, both free and paid. Their free plan, which lasts a year, consists of 500 MB of data, 200 talk minutes, and unlimited texts. After a year you’ll likely pay only $10.99 a month. Fees do apply if you go over your data, but, as the article explains, you get a choice, a $10 top-up option or $0.02 per extra MB. FreedomPop also gives you opportunities to earn extra data by referring friends and completing offers or surveys from third party companies.


Internet plans are also available. All require a refundable deposit on a MiFi device. The plans are 500 MB (using 4G) for $0 a month, 500 MB (using 4G and 3G) for $3.99 a month and 2 G for $19.99 a month. Fees for exceeding data range from $0.015 to $0.02 per MB, depending on the plan.


All of FreedomPop’s plans are free of contracts or cancellation fees.


FreedomPop launched in 2012 and, according to Fortune, had raised $49.3 million from investors as of last year. They rely, for the most part, on word of mouth to attract new customers rather than racking up costs on customer acquisition. Co-founder and CEO Stephen Stokols hopes to be able to offer 800 MB or even 1 GB of data per month for free by upselling customers on other (paid) features. Stokols says that “51% of our users don’t pay us a penny,” and also “We only need 30% to pay to make our model work, so it’s working.”


Last year FreedomPop expanded it’s services to the UK and earlier this year introduced a roaming SIM that will allow free data internationally.  A company bringing service to those who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise is a refreshing change from those whose only concern is their bottom line.

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  1. John Keith

    Paid mobile plans range from a $5 a month WiFi calling plan to a $20 unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data plan. So it seems FreedomPop is intent on connecting people worldwide for free. The fact is that uk rushmyessays service can utilize the services more often to have success in their biz.

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