Norman Pattiz And His Radio Study

There are many different people who are hoping to manage radio stations and advertising in a better way. They want to use resources that will make their stations easier to control, and they will show people that it is much easier to turn around their advertising programs. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Each program that is created for a radio station must be based on proper research, and this article lays out how the study Has revealed the best advertising practices.

#1: Brand Recognition

There is quite a lot of brand recognition that people will find when they are advertising on the radio, and there are many people who will be pleased to find that selling advertising is easier than they believed. There are many radio stations that must choose better partners for advertising, and some of them will find better ways to sell advertising.

#2: Westwood One

Norman Pattiz is the CEO of Westwood One, and he has built the radio brand into something that anyone would be impressed with.

There are many people who will find that they may follow the example that he has made at Westwood One, and they may want to follow some of his business practices that will make their companies better. Someone who is new to radio may research what Norman has done, and they will see that his study has experience behind it.

#3: The Study Checked Recognition

There were many people polled as part of the study, and they were asked about the brands that they recognized that they may have heard on the radio. Each of these people were asked if they heard these ads on the radio, and it showed that radio ads provide quite a lot of brand recognition.

Someone who wants to have quite a lot of fun selling advertising must choose the brands that they know will sound the best on their airwaves. They will reach their listeners more often than not, and they will make it much easier for people to make choices that are good for them.

The study that Norman Pattiz has done will ensure that the radio stations in America will be more profitable. Read more:  Norman Pattiz | Facebook and Norman Pattiz – Dashconference

These companies are hoping to save money, and they will begin to earn more money because they have chosen advertising partners who will work the best for them. These people will save time, and they will have a larger revenue stream every year.

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