New York City Informs The Work And Life Of Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

The life and career of Doe Deere has never been lived in a traditional way as she has spent most of her adult life in New York City and now in Los Angeles; Doe Deere began her life in New York City in 1998 when she moved to the city that never sleeps at the age of 17 to begin her education in fashion. Now classing herself as a New Yorker because she grew up in the city, Deere believes her won sense of fashion has been formed by a mixture of New York street styles and the mythology and fairy tale nature of the Russian culture she spent her childhood living in; Doe Deere brings this playful side of her personality to the fore in the work she continues to complete with Lime Crime and the marketing for the brand.


Lime Crime began life as an Online fashion brand selling one off creations by Doe Deere through an Online marketplace, which is where the name of the company was born and simply based on the favorite color of Doe Deere. Lime Crime’s marketing was an issue for Doe Deere during her early days as a businessperson as Deere wished her clothing designs to be accompanied by a range of images containing vibrant and colorful cosmetics designs, a makeup choice Deere found difficult to source. Eventually, Doe Deere was forced to create her own cosmetics and become something of a self taught expert in the development of new cosmetics; Deere has continued to develop her own skills and posts videos to social media platforms to aid those looking to follow in her footsteps in creating their own makeup options.


In developing her own Lime Crime brand Doe Deere has become an inspiration for all those people who wish to follow their own fashion rules and ignore the traditional rules we are all told to follow on a regular basis. The creation of her own line of colorful and vibrant colors has made Doe Deere a successful business leader and proven she was correct in feeling others were out in the world and feeling frustrated by the lack of choice in modern cosmetics. Doe Deere remains a business leader who follows her own principles as she looks to create a fun and exciting brand that can be enjoyed for its vegan and cruelty free line of products.


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