Medical Care At Its Best At Copa Star Hospital

Copa Star is one of Brazil’s modern medical facilities. Copa Star Hospital is situated in Figueiredo magalhaes Street, Rio de Janeiro. It provides differentiated and exclusive services in medical care. The hospital is built using the state-of-the-art technology. It combines luxury and efficiency in medical care. The Copa Star Hospital took three years to be constructed. It was officially opened in October 2016. The Copa Star Hospital brings together comfort, qualified service, sophisticated technology, and luxury. The hospital’s architectural design resembles that of a five-star hotel. It has seven floors. The hospital has a Smart Hospitality System which enables a patient to have an autonomy level that is unique to the hospital.

Smart Hospitality system enables a patient to use a provided iPad to seek attention from a nurse or to talk to the doctor. This technology is also extended to bed features automation. An intern or patient can open and close curtains and change the room’s lighting with the help of this technology. Jorge Moll is the founder and president of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. He is also a cardiologist.

Copa Star Hospital will eliminate the need for patients to fly to far places to seek adequate medical attention. The hospital creates an environment for its patients that combine human acceptance and technology with comfort. Patients also get to enjoy exclusive and personalized service. The hospital has an attached area meant for the flow of health professionals and stretchers. The hospital’s corridors are welcoming and airy. The Copa Start Hospital has employed more than 550 people. The team at Copa Star was trained with tests and various simulations for two months. The staff members have been trained on how to handle patients and also the type of makeup and clothes that they should wear.

The Copa Star Hospital has more than 150 beds, a diagnostic center, 105 rooms, 45 ICU rooms, and nine operating rooms. The operating rooms have been fitted with the latest technology. They have magnetic resonance imaging machines that enable doctors to look at medical scans of a patient at the time of surgery. The hospital also has hybrid rooms for less extensive surgeries. The sophisticated technology at Copa Start enables surgeons to share images with experts all over the world for opinions to assist in the outcome of the operations. The Copa Star Hospital aims to become a superior center for neurology and cardiology. Patients are assured of the excellent care while at the hospital. The hospital has put in energy efficiency measures so as to bring down energy consumption by 50%. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

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    Jorge says that this hospital serves as an alternative to the citizens of Janeiro. He added that the hospital would combine high complex surgeries and qualified care. Read more at about Copa Star. The issue to buy research papers is to have all these things among them which is certain that everything is going to work out well for their own good.

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