Marc Sparks: An Entrepreneur That Lifts Other People Up

Marc Sparks started out his business life with a clear vision and idea, and that idea was to help other people take their visions and ideas and turn them into services and products that help them make a living through their passions.

As head of Timber Creek Capital, based in Dallas Texas, Marc has built a private equity (family office) firm that offers the much needed capital, customer service expertise, banking, marketing, networking, office space, equipment, legal services, web development capabilities, and more to help people navigate their way through the muddy waters of getting their idea out of their head and into a legitimate, solid business that will succeed.

Timber Creek Capital is equipped to fully house three complete companies and was built, by Marc, to offer a conducive and collaborative work environment. Many startups begin in a cramped office, renting side space, a worn down building, or a warehouse in a very uninspiring location.

Marc believes that location and how you feel where you’re working or starting up your business is equally as important as the business itself you are starting. At Timber Creek, there is a buzz going on and a palpable taste of success in the air. Along with a support staff and over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience from Marc, you would have to try very hard to not succeed there.

According to Good Reads, Marc Sparks has a philosophy in life, and part of that philosophy is to never let self-pity control you. He believes that people’s energy is much better spent changing things they can control, and that in moments of self-pity the best thing you can do is help someone else. In his own words, “No kind word or deed is insignificant in the eyes of the recipient.”

People who work for or with Marc always feel valued and that they are part of something greater than themselves. Marc not only teaches people leadership skills and abilities, but he also practices what he preaches every day of his life.

As a philanthropist, Marc Sparks helps kids through his “Sparky’s Kids” foundation where he has donated over a thousand computers to at-risk kids who might otherwise fall through the cracks of society without the proper tools and education to give them a helping hand up.

Marc believes in helping people help themselves, and does so by supporting The Samaritan Inn in Texas, which is a homeless shelter that houses close to 160 residents every night.

If every entrepreneur was similar to Marc Sparks, the world would be a better place, and every person in it would be a living success story.

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