Lovaganza Brings The Future To Entertainment

Lovaganza takes its inspiration from all through time and all over the world. Modern technology in the form of immersive attractions graced with old-time class and style have an impact that is felt long after the show is over. From May to September in 2020 the plan is to hold an international celebration of life, love and hope for the entire planet. Lovaganza’s “Bohemian Adventure” with exhibitions, live events, and immersive technology will celebrate diverse cultures from all over the world.

Lovaganza hopes to educate the world by combining new technology with entertainment possibilities to show people what other cultures are truly like, not what common media says they are. When the four month show is over, a “Hands Across the World” ceremony is planned to show one culture can back up another. This traveling show on academycreative.com, reminiscent of old time tent carnivals is set to start its journey in 2017 and will culminate with the 2020 celebrations.

One of Lovaganza’s biggest attractions is expected to be a trilogy of 3-D movies at http://www.lovaganza.com/the-films.html presented in traveling pavilions and seen without glasses. Imagine the thrill of watching a movie on an “Immerscope” screen, and feeling as if you’re almost right there with the characters. Feeling what they feel, seeing what they see, and all without the bother of special glasses. Filming has already begun for the movie trilogy and plans move forward for the rest of Lovaganza’s mission as well.

The Lovaganza Traveling Show will be on the road in 2017, giving glimpses of what’s coming in 2020. “Guest” explorers will walk into a world of the many different cultures on Earth and be able to experience them all firsthand on 180 degree wraparound Immerscope screens on Wikidot.

This world wide event is made possible by the use of “Unity Machines” which will create a virtual bridge enabling one hand to touch another on a different continent, thereby creating an unbroken chain of humanity. This virtual bridge will cross oceans, and go over mountain tops in the hope of world peace and understanding at last. Virtual reality could just be the best educational tool yet devised and it sounds like Lovaganza will be putting it to very good use in the near and distant future.

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  1. Moore Johnson

    In mid-September the world will see an unprecedented event when the “Hands Across The World” takes place. Immersive technology could be what it takes for all of Earths different cultures to finally understand one another. I believe that http://www.sohbetsayfam.com/ alone could account for a lot of things that has been happening too.

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