Life Line Screening Saves Lives through Preventive Screening

Life Line Screening, LLS, is the life-changing brainchild of Dr. Andrew Manganaro. It is the largest screening company in the United States for vascular diseases. Dr. Manganaro has a strong medical background. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Biology, he earned his M.D as a University Scholar and Henry Viet’s Fellow from New York University School of Medicine and got elected to Alpha Omega Alpha. Dr. Manganaro holds a board certification in thoracic surgery as well. Before retiring from his private practice to lead LLS, he worked for 35 years as a cardiovascular surgeon.


As a specialist in cardiac and vascular surgery, Dr. Manganaro saw numerous people lose their lives because of conditions which are manageable if detected early. He decided to create Life Line Screening to detect asymptomatic diseases before they become life-threatening. The procedure is known as preventive screening. The company only employs certified physicians, academicians, and prominent clinical specialists and more information click here.


Life Line Screening offers a variety of tests to asymptomatic individuals. It uses non-invasive ultrasounds for to screen the abdominal aorta and cardiac arteries. Other non-invasive tests are for osteoporosis and EKG screening to check for the presence of atrial fibrillation. They assess peripheral vascular diseases by measuring ankle brachial index. They additionally offer a variety of blood tests for cardiovascular and other diseases.


Since its creation, Life Line Screening has screened more than eight million people and enjoys the support of many specialists cardiovascular diseases and family doctors. In spite of the growing favor for preventive screening among the populace, the company has continued to hold robust marketing campaigns for the same. Also, it creates public awareness through their publications and online platforms and learn more about Lifeline Screen.


Life Line Screening employs the latest technology in its service delivery and research. It also collaborates with institutions of higher learning like The Oxford University, New York University School of Medicine and California University. Dr. Manganaro says the initiative has achieved impressive credibility over the years and believes there endless possibilities to preventive screening. Hard work, persistence and working with a talented team are the pillars for Life Line Screening’s current and future success and its Linkedin.

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