Investing in the Future with George Soros

There aren’t a lot of people in this world who can easily compete with the integrity of George Soros, nor with his financial success. But on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 he was as shocked as the rest of the world was from the revealing of Trump’s victory as the next American President. He has been a strong influence during the presidential campaign for supporting Hillary Clinton’s race to become the first American women president. In fact, in December of 2015 George Soros donated an impressive $6 million to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign through the likes of super PAC, making him one of the biggest donors in all of American politics to date. He also later in the year donated another $2 million to help support the efforts of the Democratic party for Hillary Clinton. He is one of the few liberals who are ready and willing to spend big dollars on a hope that it can help change the political direction this country has been heading into.

George Soros is among a group of liberal funders who are currently working diligently to find ways to fight back against Trump. It was a surprise that he would attend the three-day gathering in Washington at the exclusive Mandarin Oriental hotel. He is joined there by other wealthy liberals who want to focus on the 2017 and 2018 elections that could help the democrats get back in the political game. Soros’ appearance as a speaker at this event leads the public to believe that he is committed to investing in opposing President Donald Trump. He spoke about his personal experiences living through the Holocaust and other related Communism groups that resemble far to close to what Trump is expected to do within the first 100 days of his presidency. Another big topic at this gathering is the Democracy Alliance, or DA as it is often called by the Democratic finance circles because of their strategies and how they believed would influence the elections to Democrats.

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George Soros is not only an icon in political donation giving, he has decided to give $500 million to migrant and refugee businesses. He is hoping that this initiative is something that other investors will follow. Soros wants policies to change, be more effective when it comes to developing political stability that effectively deals with the needs of migrants, host communities and the refugees. He has spoken about investing in startups, established companies and any businesses founded by migrants and refugees themselves. He is hoping to find good investment ideas that will help benefit migrants all over the world, as well as the refugees arriving in Europe.

George Soros doesn’t stop at just supporting high end trends, he has also spent millions in 2016 funding campaigns to defeat local prosecutors around the country and elect new ones who back the criminal justice reform measures. Now that’s money well spent.

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    Although after having donated over $20 million in 2004 to the groups that tried to defeat the then President George W. Bush only to be unsuccessful left him scaling back on his big political spending until this election. It is a nice to make sure that the custom assignments should be given all the time.

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