Fabletics makes it natural.

Traditional stores are fighting the online stores and especially Amazon for the future of certain business sectors, and the way in which these sectors conduct business both outwardly to their customers and inwardly through a company’s infrastructure. Traditional business sectors like the fashion industry assert that everything is on the table to thwart the oncoming behemoth known as internet shopping. It has been around for a while now, but still today it is estimated that only twenty percent of business in America as a totality does business online only. This means there is space for the brick and mortar businesses to mount a defense, and they have been doing just that in some interesting ways.


However, it may also be true that certain methods of doing business are going the way of the proverbial and literal dinosaur, and taking on Amazon and stores like it may not be feasible especially in the case of a phenomena called showrooming. Showrooming is when online shopping customers go into regular stores only to sample and test products. This shift in the way people shop is having a significant and acute effect on certain industries like the fashion industry.


The most innovative methods for beating the online stores is being pioneered by stores that have the forethought to find ways to benefit from both online and physical store qualities, and even in finding ways to utilize the showrooming trend to their benefit. One of the most explosive companies is Fabletics. Fabletics is an athletic lifestyle brand. This is a new space that combines sportswear with an active lifestyle. They are pioneering a technique called reverse showrooming to the effect of 5,000 percent growth in only three years since the company was founded. The brand features a subscription that allows those that subscribe to buy their products at one low price across every vehicle in which they proffer their goods.


Their clothing is like fitness gear, but that also doubles as clothing to be worn by active people active in their everyday lives. This is why the brand appeals to me so much. I like a hoodie that does not look like I am about to perform some anti-social destructive act. I also like that they are feminine in design. No matter the style, I find that I am always satisfied with them because of this. When I am not sure, or order a piece that does not fit as I thought it would, I simply go to one of the stores in order to get an idea of the sizing and the fit of the problematic item. I am then able to utilize the convenience of online shopping to receive the product with the confidence that I ordered correctly.


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