Fabletics Adopts a Unique Business Approach That Has Paid Off In A Big Way

Fabletics is marking a great growth compared to other e-commerce ventures such as Amazon. The firm uses a unique approach that allows customers to make monthly subscriptions and provide convenient ways of paying for products. This unique tactic has sky-rocketed the sales to unimaginable figures. This method of fashion membership has placed Fabletics at a right place to compete with the likes of Apple and Warby Parker. The positive growth has prompted the firm to add more physical stores to their 16 already thriving stores.


Unique Approach


Times are gone when price and quality were the only determining factors of the value of a commodity. Emerging customers are viewing products in terms of design, brand, their experience, and the ability to offer after sales services, such as transport as well as the use of gamification. Fabletics is well aware of this and has strived to be the best at the game. The firm seeks to understand who their customers are and what their needs are. It becomes easier to satisfy the customers once you identify with them. This combined with setting friendly prices is what has cut a niche for Fabletics. Through their unique strategy of brand membership, the firm gets a chance to register more clients during events as well as when they are visiting their store. This method adds to the online shopping basket any item that customers tries on without considering the mode of payment. Fabletics always ensure that what they offer in their online platforms match with what is in the physical stores. Despite many challenges, Fabletics is geared to give their customers an out of this world experience.


About Fabletics


Fabletics operates through a monthly membership plan. A VIP membership allows customers to purchase items at a discounted price. This plan doesn’t charge anything if one fails to buy anything in a month. After joining Fabletics, one is taken through a survey to determine what type of workout gears they use. The company is then able to choose outfits fitted for each person monthly. This study is suitable and helpful as it is convenient and hassle-free to get an appropriate workout gear. It is highly recommended to individuals to try out.


Fabletics quality and value are good in comparison with the price paid. The firm uses high-quality materials that offer maximum comfort. They offer a wide selection of style that is very impressive. Their website is well designed to make ordering and navigation easier for their clients.

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