EOS Lip Balm’s Rise To The Top

EOS Lip Balm is by far one of the most well respected companies in the industry today. They have created a new trend over the years for being the most reliable and most organically dependent lip balm on the market, providing users with glistening and healthy lips without the unhealthy ingredients. EOS racked to the top over the years, but nobody knows where they started or how they got to become so successful.

It all started when a few people wanted to target a new market. They found that the chapstick market was a perfect candidate because of minimal competition and also the need being more than available. It all began with coming up with a new idea that would revolutionize chapstick and lip balms. They came up with a sphere shaped lip balm, and after presenting it to Walgreen’s, they were able to get it in the stores successfully. It then became one growing industry when they realized that Target and other health stores wanted to sell the same products. Online merchants eBay and Amazon pretty soon sold EOS too.

All they need was a little buzz to get the growing going. They then hit up famous Instagram and YouTubers to get in on the action and talk about EOS lip balm. They created such a buzz that even huge celebrities starting using it. Their target was 25-35 year old women, and then they discovered that they really needed to come up with new ways to advertise. They did so by simply providing more social media people to join. The millions of people who heard about EOS Lip Balm (https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos) jumped right in and the product shot off the roof top. Without even much traditional marketing, the company grew up so much and became a force to be reckoned with. It’s amazing what they have accomplished in the last few years as a chapstick business.

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  1. Julianne Bobby

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