Dynamic Search Partners CEO Keith Mann gives funds to Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann is the current Chief Executive Officer of Dynamic Search Partners. He held an event in New York City that helped in raising funds for Uncommon Schools. Many people were able to turn up and attend the event. The whole event oversaw raising of $22,000 that would go towards the Charter Schools. Keith Mann mentioned that he wants to support the schools mission.

The school strives to help students from low-income families get admission to college. Mann is someone that wants everyone to have an equal opportunity, go to college and earn a degree. With the opening of the new high school, Uncommon Schools is going to have more students.

Dynamic Search Partners has been working with uncommon schools for the past three years. Before the recent fundraising event, the firm had donated $10,000 to help fund students exams. Exams undertaken by the students are the AP and PSAT testing.

The goal of the two organizations is to create better opportunities for students. Students can learn practical and strategic skills that should them in the real world. Through Dynamic search Partners, Keith Mann has worked with the school to assist them in achieving their dreams and goals.

Keith Mann started Dynamic Search Partners in the year 2009. The firm has grown to become an executive search entity that deals with alternative investment in the industry. Mann has also spent fifteen years building his skills in the year hedge fund industry.

He started the Alternative Investment Practice service after noticing a gap in the marketplace. Keith Mann has shown that he understands that search market through and through. He has helped several countries across the globe fill positions with talented individuals.

The scholarship should help one student from the Uncommon Charters School receive funds for their college education. Mann has expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Institution. Keith Mann knows that a vast majority of students will make a significant contribution to the society.

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