Doe Deere Brings Passion to Cosmetics


There is someone that Doe Deere is very original. She is the type of person that has a level of commitment to her job that most executives do not have. Doe Deere is a Russia born woman that grew up in New York. She has taken influences from Russia and implemented ideas that have been incredibly powerful for her Lime Crime brand. Doe Deere is trying to build a relationship with customers. She is trying to establish herself as one of the best cosmetic leaders. So far Doe Deere has managed to pick up a crowd of millennial followers that are interested in patronizing this unique brand that she has managed to bring forth. It is all a part of her social media appeal.


The passion that she has created is infectious. There is compelling evidence of this found through the Lime Crime Instagram profile. This is where people have seen some of the best photos of different Lime Crime fans with Lime Crime makeup. There are also some interesting pictures that show the unique Unicorn makeup that is part of the Lime Crime brand.


In most cosmetics brands there are methods of operation for advertising that have been tried and tested so these companies continue to use the same things. In the case with Avon there are magazines with consultants that sell these products. This is still the method that Avon is using for luring customers even in the age of the Internet. Cover Girl is known for appealing to customers with celebrities and flashy commercials that have featured people like Queen Latifah and Katy Perry. Doe Deere is the young woman that has seen the benefits of luring fans through social media. She has done this with a great amount of success. That is why she has been able to keep going in this direction. It has been the median that has allowed her to find her fans and build a brand of cosmetics that customers are interested in.


The Lime Crime brand has certainly become the hot thing for teenagers that are on a rebellious streak. This makeup is unlike anything else out there right now, and fans are loyal to the Doe Deere franchise.

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