Bob Reina

Commitment, consistency and efficiency, these are the basic values that one needs to be successful in his/her career. Bob Reina believes in all these and therefore he is persistent, He never slows down. He is the founder as well as the CEO of Talk Fusion, one of the best video communication organizations all over the universe.


Bob Reina served as a police officer before emerging to be a well-known and generous the year 1990, Bob Reina got familiar with network marketing working as a part-time associate since he was still a police officer. His drive and passion for network marketing encouraged him to venture into self-employment, therefore, leaving everything behind. Together with his IT friend, he came up with an idea of simplifying video into an email for better communication which then gave birth to Talk is now a fast growing company that has explored more than 140 countries.


Talk Fusion

Great responsibility leads to massive success, this is what Talk Fusion adheres to. The mission of Talk Fusion is helping communities all over the world by also building their futures. One of the greatest achievements of Talk Fusion through its founder, Bob Reina is donating $1 million to the Human Society of Tampa Bay. This money helped uncountable animals in an Indonesian orphanage.


Actions speak louder than words. Effortless actions in changing peoples’ lives is what Bob Reina believes has seen the rise of Talk Fusion in all these years. This account involves all the details found in Talk Fusion. They include video chat, live meetings and video emails.


Bob Reina’s main objective in Talk Fusion is basically assisting charitable organizations all over the world, so that they can extend their message to many individuals.



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  1. Johnny Cath

    Talk Fusion has currently started a program that allows any of its associate to give a free account to the charity they prefer. Furthermore, his video marketing products in Talk Fusion is the source of many lives changing immensely. I know that research paper will be the best thing that has ever happened to this ones too.

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