Arthur Becker Doing Great Things with Madison Partners LLC

Arthur Becker is a famous name and face within New York City for a wide variety of reasons. To start with, he’s the Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC. Madison Partners is focused on becoming a one stop investment firm for all dealings within the real estate market and the bio tech industry. Outside of his work with Madison Partners we have also seen Arthur Becker find success in a wide array of different industries: from art all the way to entrepreneur work as an investor and inventor. Becker’s work with Madison Partners, however, is going to be our focus today.

According to Curbed, Madison Partners LLC came about as an idea when Becker was working in 2011 with NaviSite and ZINIO. At the time Becker was becoming more and more engaged and enraptured by technology as well as real estate. He would go on to sell NaviSite in 2011 in order to focus more on the real estate side of things. Becker’s first forays into real estate would be a condo development project in New York City as well as a property in Miami. During this time he was also increasing his awareness of the bio tech industry. Becker says, “I have also become exposed to a number of early stage bio tech companies and became fascinated.” Becker goes on to say that he is particularly drawn to the bio technology sector thanks to the “substantial economic opportunities and the potential to make a significant impact on people’s lives.”

Right now Arthur Becker is focused on two different real estate projects in New York City. Becker recently purchased three different townhouses on Sullivan Street in downtown Soho. He plans to build these up and sell them as luxury townhomes while keeping one for him to live in. His other project is located in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan where he is developing a luxury condo development. Becker’s jumping headfirst into becoming the lead developer for these properties after spending a ton of time in the background, working as a silent partner and money man for bigger firms. Becker’s work at Madison Partners looks to be completely elevating his standing within the city.

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