Alexandre Gama: A Creative and Strategic Entrepreneur

Alexandre Gama, an entrepreneur from Brazil, is the founder, CCO, and CEO of Neogama—a leading advertising agency in Brazil. He received a degree in Communications and Advertising from Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation (FAAP).

Gama is famous for his innovative skills and ideas in the advertising industry. His firm, Neogama, was the youngest company ever to win the coveted Cabore award. In 2006, the Propaganda Professionals Association named Alexandre Gama “Agency Director of the Year”. He was also termed as one of the most important professions in Brazil’s publicity history. In 2007, research conducted by Grupo Consultore, a marketing consulting firm situated in Europe, voted him as one of the three top advertising men in Brazil.

Alexandre Gama is also a member of the Global Creative Board, a committee consisting of six worldwide agency leaders responsible for the planning of innovation and creative strategy in the creative industry. Gama is also involved in the art industry as an actor in a film. Again, he launched VIOLAB—a music project for Brazilian acoustic guitar players.

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